The 2020 KartStars Canada series will travel to several tracks in Southern Ontario including Point Pelee Karting, Goodwood Kartways and Innisfil Indy Karting. For Daniel Demaras, it’ll be an opportunity to visit new tracks he’s never even seen before.

The second round of the provincial series will take place at the Innisfil track on Gilford Rd, the same track where New Speed Motorsports Santiago and Rocco took home the hardware last weekend.

To prepare for this new challenge, Daniel Demaras and his father Chris met up with the New Speed Motorsports team for a ‘test and tune’ practice day at the Innisfil Indy Karting facility this past Wednesday. For Daniel, it’s his first new track since competing at Mosport in 2016!

Team principal Anthony and his two sons were already at the track when Chris and Daniel arrived. Next to the trailer was Leonard, chief mechanic at New Speed Motorsports, working away on a shifter kart. Once the tools and kart were unloaded from the truck, Chris made a quick gear change, bolted on the practice tires, and got Daniel ready for his first session. The track has multiple configurations, so young Rocco went out on track with Daniel to show him the layout.

The paddock was busy, but the track was quiet, as competitors in Wednesday night’s private event prepared their karts. For most laps, Daniel had the track to himself to explore the limits of adhesion, without worrying about a chasing kart if he dropped a wheel. Another quick stop to change the gear helped Daniel go even faster in the second session and Leonard jumped in to loosen up the seat struts and reduce front grip, bringing the kart back in balance. Anthony watched the New Speed drivers closely, and gave personal coaching on where time could be found by taking a wider line through a sequence of corners or turning in later.

Daniel was impressed by the speed of the circuit, as there were no braking zones at all. Much of the track is taken at full throttle, lifting for the corners, and riding the curbs.

Daniel got a surprise visit from PRO’s Andrew Waring. For nearly two years Andrew wrenched on Daniel’s No. 12 PRO Intrepid Briggs & Stratton kart, and provided driver coaching and motivation. Waring mentored Daniel like a kid brother, and even took the young racer out for a track day at Shannonville, where Waring had previously raced Formula 1600 cars.

Before graduating to cars, Andrew had a championship winning kart racing career. He even raced in Italy at the World Championships, interestingly enough, with NSM’s Leonard D’arrigo as his mechanic! Small world.

Daniel adapted well to the new circuit, and improved through each session. The curbs at Innisfil got the better of him, cracking the bottom of the No.357 seat, ending the final session a few minutes before the private event began.

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