Fridays are busy for Chris Demaras. He opens the office a little earlier than usual, wraps up the day’s tasks, then drives up to Goodwood Kartways with Daniel. The younger Demaras spends the afternoon practicing in the No.357 New Speed Motorsports kart with Chris turning wrenches…sometimes.

But once the club karts are put away, Chris puts on his race suit and helmet and gets ready for CRKC competition. Friday, June 26th was the first race of the 2020 CRKC season, and Chris wanted to improve on his performance from the Exhibition Race a few weeks earlier.

Without his family at the track to support him (little Daniel needs to get to sleep early for his TRAK races the next morning) Chris found enthusiasm and inspiration in #TheMigster, a rookie racer at Goodwood looking to make a name for himself.

Chris’ friendly rival Andy used the draft to good effect. Demaras punches a big hole through the air, so by putting his kart against Chris’ bumper, Andy was able to help both of them qualify at the sharp end of the field. The racers reached a “gentlemen’s agreement” not to crash into one another at Turn 4 on the opening lap. Chris would line up 2nd, Andy in 3rd, while regular rival in the heavyweight division Damiano was an uncharacteristic 7th.

While the leader was untouchable, Andy and Chris had a good scrap for position.

Demaras couldn’t match Texiera’s speed, and had to settle for 3rd on the day, but both men stood on the podium. Chris just didn’t look as happy.

With the shortened schedule, racing will resume for 2020 CRKC Round 2 next Friday, July 3rd.

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