The club series at Goodwood Kartways was back in action for the second weekend in a row at TRAK Race 2. The race was run using the bus stop chicane, with new kerbs that had been added over the winter.

New Speed Motorsports drivers Rocco, Santiago, Elijah and Daniel were prepared for the challenge with the help of Anthony, Leonard, Cale and Max.

After an average start to the season, Daniel Demaras looked to improve his position in the second race, and take advantage of the modified track layout. After a long day of practice on Friday, the No.357 New Speed Motorsport kart Powered by PRO was dialed in and ready for race day.

A rare sight in the New Speed Motorsports paddock was Chris Demaras with a tool in his hands. Though dressed in a white shirt and still wearing his bronze medal from his CRKC race the night before. Chris tried to help.

Daniel Demaras showed good pace in morning practice, placing tenth out of twenty-one drivers. Though he wasn’t in the lead group of drivers, he was the fastest of the midfield. Qualifying was not as good; Daniel would be lining up twelfth.

The pre-final got off to a good start, with some opportunistic overtakes propelling Daniel into the top ten. As drivers dropped out of the race, Daniel got as high as eighth before being overtaken. Demaras attempted a late overtake in the hairpin but was unsuccessful, finishing ninth.

In the final, Daniel attempted a move up the inside of turn four, but couldn’t get it done, leaving him on the outside of turn five, where lost an additional position. This locked him in a tight battle, where three karts scrapped with each other for multiple laps. Daniel made a late braking maneuver on the inside of Turn 9 for ninth position, then made up ground through the chicane for an overtake in Turn 4 for eighth position. One lap later, Demaras was forced off track at Turn 4 causing him to lose 4 positions. After regrouping and getting the dust off his tires, Daniel made a last lap overtake for eleventh position where he would finish the race.

Though a Top 10 finish for Demaras was within reach, the end result was disappointing, Daniel was happy to see teammate Rocco take the win in Briggs Cadet and Santiago on the podium in Mini Rok. The New Speed Motorsports team showed great pace in TRAK Race 2 and the team will look to carry this momentum into Race 3.

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