Daniel Demaras competed at Innisfil Indy Karting for the first time on Sunday. The event was the fourth round of their IKC club series.

After some practice around the high-speed downhill layout on Wednesday, Daniel was ready to put his limited experience at the track to the test. Upcoming IKC races are expected to attract many competitors from Goodwood, and the KartStars Canada series will make its way to Innisfil on July 25th and 26th, so the team decided it was important to get some experience at the track.

Daniel had good pace in morning practice, and managed to place 2nd in qualifying. After getting jumped at the start of the Pre-Final, Daniel was caught up in a battle, which allowed the leader to slip away. Still a respectable 3rd place finish.

Daniel’s New Speed Motorsports teammates Elijah Joshi and Rocco Simone competed in the event in Briggs Cadet. The youth and inexperience of the field was evident as a high-speed accident resulted from a local driver spinning off track, then rejoining in the line of fire. Scary stuff! But both NSM drivers threaded the needle and avoided contact.

After some off-track discussion, the Daniel’s mechanics decided to make a gear change for the Final race, to try and produce some more acceleration through the infield. Despite the change, Daniel once again struggled at the green flag and had to fight to maintain 3rd, allowing the top two drivers to draft their way out of his range.

Daniel put in a strong showing, and even caught up with 2nd place by the end of the race. On this day, Daniel was satisfied with a 3rd place podium finish.

After scoring his first podium in Briggs and Stratton racing, Daniel looks to have further success in the coming races at Innisfil.

Contact on track prevented Daniel’s NSM teammate Elijah from reaching the podium, but Daniel’s new lil’ brother Rocco Simone stood on the top step in Briggs Cadet; a double podium result for New Speed Motorsports!

Daniel Demaras and the entire New Speed Motorsports crew (possibly with a special guest appearance by PRO Andrew Waring?) look forward to competing at Innisfil again in the upcoming races including the KartStars Canada series, IKC club races and the always competitive CKC – Canadian Karting Challenge.

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