Continued Support

Walking into the Subaru dealership, you can’t help but notice how much things have changed. The acrylic shields on the service department counter. The social distancing markers on the floor. Customers and workers wearing masks to help ‘stop the spread’. And that’s just what you see. What you don’t see are the diligent disinfection processes dealership staff use when preparing cars for test drives, or returning a WRX after an oil change.

Scarboro Subaru at 2590 Eglinton Ave East has supported Daniel Demaras since his first year in racing. With the ‘challenging times’ faced by all businesses in 2020, it meant a lot to Daniel to have Subaru’s continued support, even as other corporate sponsors scaled back.

“Last year I had the Subaru emblem front and centre on my kart, and we did some good promotion for the brand. But this year I want to do something special.” explained Demaras, who at 16, is looking to make his first car purchase from the dealership.

“I’ve got a nice 1992 Subaru Legacy station wagon for you, Daniel.” teased Guy, the General Manager of Scarboro Subaru, knowing that young Demaras has his eye on an early model WRX, and not a Family Truckster. But the colour is right.

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