Friday, July 10 2020, was a very busy day at Goodwood Kartways for the Demaras family. For the second day in a row, Daniel practiced in 33° heat from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm with his New Speed Motorsports team. Chris helped out with some wrenching and lifting, but really just tried to stay out of the sun.

Because at 5:30 pm on Fridays, Goodwood’s equivalent of the NASCAR Truck Series hits the track. Not exactly the fastest equipment. A mix of drivers that are either up and coming rookies (like #TheMigster) just cutting their teeth, or slightly past their prime drivers (like Chris Demaras) that never reached the ‘big show’ but still love racing. Dan Di Leo even called it “Friday Night Under the Lights!”

Young racer TheMigster sought guidance from New Speed Motorsports’ Mini Rok ace, Santiago Ramirez, who was more than willing to take his young friend on a track walk and point out proper corner entry, apex and exit.

In true 40-something style, Chris Demaras took a nap in between wrenching on Daniel’s kart and preparing for his own race. But when he got to the track…Demaras was ready!

There isn’t much to say about Chris practice sessions. Regardless of which kart he was in, or how the temperature cooled off, he set identical laptimes of 38.5 seconds. Not quick around the circuit, but certainly consistent.

Demaras qualified 3rd, lost a position early in the race, then made two overtakes to take the silver medal on the podium.

After climbing on the podium three weeks in a row, Chris finds himself somewhere he’s never been before: 2nd place in the championship.

Demaras is humble about these first few races. He’s having a great season, but he knows he’s not a great driver. The string of luck will end; that’s the nature of the CRKC racing series. By Saturday morning, Chris was back under the NSM tent helping prepare his son Daniel’s race kart while spending time the friends he gets to race with every week.

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