Most weekends, if you’re looking for family-man Anthony Simone, you’ll find him at the local karting track. He’s keeping an eye on his boy Leo while coaching his older son Rocco and guiding his racers Daniel, Elijah and Santiago back onto the podium.

Anthony seems like a regular karting dad. Mechanically inclined, lots of cool tools in the box, and a pickup truck that looks like it’s been through a war.

But this weekend, the other Anthony…professional race car driver Anthony Simone…will drive the No. 23 Gilbert/Korthoff Motorsports Norma M30 Prototype in the IMSA CADILLAC GRAND PRIX OF SEBRING.

Anthony Simone and co-pilot Jon Brownson will be racing in the IMSA Prototype Challenge on Saturday, July 18 2020. The Florida race will be shown live on IMSA.TV from 11:50 AM to 1:35 PM. Back home in Ontario, the New Speed Motorsports team will be on track competing in the KartStars Canada series…but a few laptops will surely be tuned into the race to see how the boss is doing.


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