The full roster of drivers from the New Speed Motorsports team showed up bright and early on Wednesday to practice for the KartStars Canada National Championships.

Elijah #44 Joshi, NSM’s own Lewis Hamilton, created a lot of excitement under the tent when rolled out his new all-black Mercedes AMG F1 inspired kart. Joshi will continue to challenge for the Briggs Cadet championship, while also competing in the KartStars Junior category.

NSM’s Liam had a lot of work to do, bolting 2019 practice motor‘Nicole’ onto the No.412 NSM kart. Topped up with fuel, fresh oil, and a set of tires that were matched perfect and staggered special, Daniel headed out on track once Santiago helped fire up the motor.

Masters driver Daniel and Cadet racer Rocco went out on track together to work on perfecting the racing line.

Practice continues until 5:00 pm.

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