For two years, Daniel Demaras wrote the “Drivers Blog” on Canadian Karting News. In 2020 his on-track results are getting him mentioned in racing articles instead.

Settling in on the start, David Anderson (Awesome Kart) led Daniel Demaras (Intrepid), Eli Yanko (TonyKart) Stehle and Levon Beaudin.

Working together, Yanko and Stehle worked their way forward, first getting by Demaras, then moving by Anderson on lap seven. Anderson struggled to stay with the leaders after being passed, meaning Yanko and Stehle built up a gap.

Stehle took his turn at the top on lap twelve and the battle with Yanko allowed Demaras to close in and make it a three kart race for the lead. Holding off Yanko, Stehle maintained the point and when the battle for second went wheel-to-wheel, Stehle was fully in control and held on for the race win.

Demaras found his way by Yanko on the final lap to take second, while Beaudin was also able to get by Yanko to snag the final step of the podium.

Race Results: Briggs Masters Final

1.) Marc Stehle

2.) Daniel Demaras

3.) Levon Beaudin

4.) Eli Yanko

5.) David Anderson

6.) Steven Chan

7.) Tony Cossetti

8.) Dan Skilton

9.) Nuno Branco

10.) Steven MacVoy

While he didn’t end up on the podium in the KartStars Senior on Sunday, Demaras and his New Speed Motorsports team still got some good press from CKN again.

In addition to the five ROK Cup Canada categories that completed their weekend of competition on Sunday at the KartStars Canada Nationals, there were two extra Briggs 206 classes on tap for racers to put it all on the line with $500 up for grabs to the race winners.

In KartStars Senior, which invites the Seniors and Masters drivers, Jake Cowden (Awesome Kart) added a second victory on the weekend, once again leading every lap of the Final.

Race Result: KartStars Senior Final

1.) Jake Cowden

2.) Chad Webster

3.) Brennan Taylor

4.) Zach Boam

5.) Adrian Koniarz

6.) Matthew White

7.) Daniel Demaras

8.) Jeff Conte

9.) Lorenzo Conte

10.) Kyle Rennie

Demaras Racing and New Speed Motorsports wants to extend a special thank you to Cody Schindel from Canadian Karting News for covering the KartStars Canada National Championships all weekend long.

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