May 28, 2022

NATIONALS: Sunday Recap

For Daniel Demaras, all the pressure of Nationals was gone on Sunday morning. Two days of practice followed by two days of racing culminated in a runner-up finish in his first national level event. What a great result!

Sunday was the low-pressure, fun but competitive KartStars Senior ‘catchweight’ category with drivers from Briggs Senior and Briggs Masters competing for cash and bragging rights.

Daniel got the chance to compete with Seniors like Chad Webster, Masters like Jeff Conte. But the most enjoyable part was getting to race against long-time part of the Goodwood Kartways team, the ‘King of Arrive & Drive’…Kyle Rennie.

With no practice sessions, just qualifying and the race, Kyle struggled to find his speed, and was set to start from the back of the pack. As a last-ditch effort, Rennie bolted on a set of rain tires, and prayed for the darkening skies to open up.

The race remained dry and Kyle had to pull off after a few laps as the gamble did not pay off. Daniel pushed as hard as he could, matching his fastest laps of 42.9 seconds from Saturday, ending the race 7th but closing in on his friend Matthew White from Innisfil Indy.

The story of the day, however, belonged to NSM team boss, Anthony Simone.

Anthony is a professional race car driver. For the past 30 years he’s competed in everything from shifter karts to NASCAR Pinty’s Series cars to IMSA Prototypes. He came out of karting retirement and jumped into a ROK Masters VLR kart for his first kart race in over 20 years.

Nobody questioned Simone’s speed. As a driver, he’s among the best of the best. but a technical issue in the pre-final had him starting from last. Anthony made up positions nearly every lap, as the kids from the NSM cheered in support. Simone had the kart up to P2 before a competitor made a clumsy passing attempt, crashing into the side of Simone’s kart. Once the checkered flag was dropped, Simone caught up to the competitor and showed him what he thought of his driving by giving him a little NASCAR rub.

Shortly after the photoshoot on the finish line, officials handed down a penalty for too much NASCAR took Simone’s podium away.

Ironically, during the podium ceremony New Speed Motorsports awarded the top ROK Junior and ROK Senior drivers from the Kart Stars Canada series a one day test in Anthony Simone’s NASCAR Pinty’s Series racecar.

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