Exploring 3S Go-Karts

~ by Chris “#16” Demaras ~

My father tells me that when I was a kid we used to go to 3S Go Karts in the summertime when visiting Lake Simcoe. Walking onto the property, some of it seems familiar. Unchanged. Like the place is a time capsule from years ago. But the incredible racing history of the track is unmistakable. This place is the real deal.

There’s promotional materials from back in the day. Young, fresh-faced Dan Di Leo and Anthony Simone standing shoulder to shoulder as members of the 3S Birel Team that traveled across North America. A room full of trophies the Chiovitti kids won during their racing careers. Their mom, Linda, is bursting with enthusiasm about her family and her track’s place in Canadian racing history.

For my son Daniel, this was the first time he’d ever been to the track. Coming to grips with the vintage circuit was going to take some work.

On Tuesday, the entire New Speed Motorsports team was at the track. Rocco, Elijah, Santiago and Daniel turned laps with guidance from Anthony Simone (who may have been to this track before) plus Liam adding additional perspective.

By the end of the day, there was a hole worn through the seat of Daniel’s No. 412 Scarboro Subaru / KPMG / Laird Auto Body / Nostalgia Coffee / K1 Speed kart thanks to the curbs. But Daniel learned plenty on those first few laps.

Back to the track on Thursday & Friday to practice for this weekend’s KartStars Canada season finale.

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