Round 4 of the KartStars Canada series at 3-S Go-Karts in Sutton was the conclusion of the 2020 regional racing season for many competitors. With championships on the line, New Speed Motorsports was up for the challenge.

Here’s how the team did.

No. 412 – Daniel Demaras

Daniel Demaras competed on Saturday and his hard-fought 8th place finish gave him the points needed to secure 3rd overall in the KartStars Senior championship. Then on Sunday Daniel shrugged off a formal protest by one of his rivals by setting a qualifying time 0.01 seconds off pole position. Demaras ran at the front, was crashed out and relegated to the back for the final … but put on a recovery drive to snatch a podium finish with a last corner pass. Demaras doubled-up taking 3rd overall in the Briggs Masters championship.

No. 511 – Max Preston

Team boss Max Preston jumped in the kart (a shifter kart no less) for his first race of 2020 and just missed the podium, finishing 4th. More significantly, he motivated his young team, showing them the fast line around the track, and the hidden treasures around it.

No. 44 – Elijah Joshi

Young Elijah Joshi ran double duty, competing in Briggs Cadet and KartStars Junior, earning Top 10 finishes in both. Totally impressive finish for a young racer in his first season of club racing.

No. 117 – Santiago Ramirez

Mini ROK standout Santiago Ramirez brought home a podium finish in KartStars round 4, ending his championship run in fourth place overall.

Leonard D’Arrigo & Liam Rhodes

Liam and Leonard put down the wrenches just long enough to jump into karts (Briggs and VLR) to turn some laps at a track they both consider very special to both of them.

Anthony Simone & Rocco Simone

NSM’s father and son duo Anthony and Rocco raced together this weekend, each ending up on the podium. While Anthony took the win in Rok VLR Masters, Rocco finished 3rd in Briggs Cadet (1st in Mini Briggs) and finishing the overall Briggs Cadet championship in 2nd (and 1st in Mini Briggs). This was a special moment, as 3-S Go-Karts is Anthony’s childhood home track … a place he hasn’t raced at in 20+ years.

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