Regional Racing Results

This weekend, the Ontario kart racing scene re-focuses on club racing as KartStars has ended, and the final results of the regional racing series which recently concluded have officially been published.

3rd in Briggs Masters Championship

This spring, Daniel Demaras certainly never expected to be fighting for a Briggs Masters Championship. He competed in all four rounds, earning one pole position, three podiums, and a runner-up finish in Nationals to eventual champion, Marc Stehle. With consistent results, Demaras drove the No. 412 kart to 3rd place overall.

3rd in KartStars Senior Championship

KartStars Senior was not Daniel’s division, but Dan Di Leo insisted Daniel Demaras try it. Racing against Zach “Attack” Boam is tough, but being in a ‘catch-weight’ division allowed Demaras to truly compete against Seniors and Masters. The highlight was certainly Round 2 at Innisfil Indy where Daniel earned a double podium finish in two divisions.

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