New Speed Motorsport prepared for TRAK Race 11 all week. Santiago, Elijah and Daniel tried new parts and techniques. Rocco Simone also debuted his new, custom-painted, extra-sparkly helmet.

This weekend saw Chad Webster return to competition. The racing calendar sometimes conflicts with work / school schedules. This forced the No. 320 to miss events. However, Trevor Reeve stole the show by towing Chad’s kart to the track behind an old school GMC van.

Pleased to announce that Reeve Webster Racing will be pitted next to Demaras Racing in the New Speed Motorsports paddock for the remainder of the 2020 season.

Another surprise at Goodwood Kartways was Keidon Fletcher, former teammate of Daniel Demaras at VRS (Venom Racing Solutions). These two racers have been friends since Briggs Junior.

A little older, the masked men are now in different classes. Rather than competing against each other, they get to cheer each other on.

On Saturday, Fletcher crossed the line 1st in Briggs Senior, before race officials handed out penalties. This racer cannot catch a break at Goodwood Kartways!

Race report tomorrow.

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