The last time Demaras Racing turned laps at the Downsview Park track was 6 months ago. From March to September, Daniel and Chris have been busy racing at Goodwood, Innisfil and Sutton. Indoor kart racing has been the furthest thing from their minds as they compete in CRKC, TRAK and KartStars Canada races.

K1 looks different now; lots of plexiglass screens. Behind the masks the familiar faces of Len, Josh and Juez couldn’t hide their smiles.

With a month to go in the racing season, and all focus remains on Goodwood. However, on Monday September 28th the final race in the six-month long 130R Racing Series will finally take place at K1.

The conclusion of the series has been delayed since March due to ‘the virus’ and many competitors haven’t walked back into K1 Speed in quite some time. Getting some practice races in, Daniel knocked off the rust. Within an hour, Daniel set the fastest time of the day with a 22.765 second lap.

Chris Demaras also placed in the Top 10 times of the day with a 23.081 second lap, only three-tenths off Daniel’s ultimate pace. By the look on Chris’ face, he couldn’t be happier!

Looking forward to the race on Monday!

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