Chris Demaras isn’t what you would call fast. Sometimes he has quick laps, but stringing together multiple laps without making an error…that he’s not so good at.

In the practice sessions for the 130R Grand Finale, Demaras lost his mind when he saw he was “1ST” in the session before realizing a computer glitch showed only him on track, omitting lap times by Igor, Daniel, Dale, Stacey and Terry.

Unfortunately, Chris qualified at the tail end of Group B, and was going to have a difficult time in the final race. At the drop of the flag, Chris immediately blocked his good friend and racing rival Igor Manukov. Next, into Turn 2 (where Demaras had promised not to crash) Chris made an aggressive pass on Dale Goz, then went to work on Logan next, overtaking him at Turn 6. By the end of the first lap, Demaras was on the cusp of the podium places!

But then it all went wrong…

The terrible grinding noises from the rear of the kart reminded Demaras of that fateful night in March when he “drove the wheels off” the kart.

Chris carried on, but the kart was dying. Demaras had looked forward to the race for months, and it was all coming apart at the seams. Once he had fallen all the way to the back of the pack, K1 Speed officials had seen enough, stopped the race, and swapped out Chris’ kart. But the damage was done. After an on-track discussion with 130R head honcho Dale Goz, they decided that having Chris regain his lost positions would not please the racing gods.

Demaras was not happy that mechanical issues decided the outcome of his race, especially when it was something beyond his control. The maximum he could achieve was P5, and with the 10 points earned, secured a Top 10 finish in the overall points standings in 130R Racing Series season 2.

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