Daniel Demaras took the 130R Racing Series championship last night in a tough battle with Ivano Di Vittorio and Ahmad Hamdy for Top 3 in the race, and Top 3 in the season.

Racers showed up early for practice, preparing themselves for the competition ahead. Igor Manukov, Gale Goz and his son Logan Goz traded fast laps in the hour leading up the the start of qualifying.

Pole position was decided by 0.050 seconds with Di Vittorio on top of Hamdy. Demaras also set an incredible lap time, only 0.062 seconds back, most importantly earning qualifying bonus points.

When the green flag dropped, the top three broke away from the pack, building a gap behind them. Di Vittorio lead initially, but there was no denying the speed of Hamdy who attacked his rival into Turn 2 and Turn 6, forcing Ivano to go defensive. Driving a smart race, Demaras knew finishing in the top 3 would secure the championship, and wouldn’t get drawn into a battle unless an opportunity presented itself.

When Hamdy assumed the lead, it put Di Vittorio on the back foot. Demaras capitalized, taking the position with an inside pass at Turn 7. As the laps wore on, Daniel could feel the battery draining, and his kart losing pace. Ivano regained his position, with Daniel giving chase but when the race was unexpectedly neutralized as Ross Sortino running in P4 had his kart stop dead on track. Daniel and Ivano were in the slow speed “tunnel” complex at Turns 2-3-4 while Ahmad was at top speed approaching Turn 5. When the power was remotely cut to all kart, Hamdy rolled on and gained a massive advantage under yellow.

It was very unfortunate that technical problem interfered with the final race in the 130R Racing Series. A great last lap battle was shaping up between Hamdy, Di Vittorio and Demaras, but once power was restored, the lead was insurmountable. As Daniel Demaras rounded the last corner, his kart lost all power and coasted across the finish line.

Some of the regulars in the 130R Series could not make it to the event, and all the public races had ended before the 130R final, so much like racing series around the world, the podium ceremony did not take place in a packed house. Just the competitors and track staff.

Hamdy’s win in the final round moved him up from 7th in the championship to 3rd, which was quite an accomplishment. Di Vittorio in 2nd actually competed in a Goodwood CRKC race, then drove 57 km to K1 Speed, to compete in 130R. Total commitment.

Demaras drove consistently all season long, taking wins, poles and podiums along the way. Daniel added to his trophy shelf by taking back-to-back championships in the 130R Racing Series at K1 Speed Toronto.

Daniel Demaras is looking forward to defending his crown in season three of the 130R Racing Series!

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