Tonight! 130R Grand Finale

The Wait Is Over!

The long-awaited, much-delayed, season-ending Grand Finale race of the 130R Racing Series at K1 Speed Toronto is today; Monday September 28th 2020.

Racing will begin at 8:00 pm sharp, with contenders expected to show up early for unofficial practice sessions.

Who Will Win The Championship!

Racers in the TOP 10 who’ve been mathematically eliminated from the Championship include speedy drivers like VLR Rok Masters driver Igor Manukov, multi-time CRKC race winner Chris Demaras, plus Mosport & Goodwood veteran ‘King’ Nico Hines. These racers will not make it easy for those contending to the overall championship.

At the top of the chart is Round 2 & 4 winner Daniel Demaras with 110 points. Only 24 points back is Round 1 & 3 winner Ivano Di Vittorio. Just behind him is lap-record holder Dawson Campbell, who is always a threat. At 27 points back, he’ll need maximum points to clinch.

The 130R Racing Series is a six-event, monthly racing competition run exclusively at K1 Speed’s Toronto circuit. The second season started in November 2019 with the final race originally scheduled for April 2020. Due to the global pandemic, racing at K1 Speed was suspended for several months.

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