This week marked the 8th round of the 2020 CRKC Series. When Chris Demaras arrived at the track ready to compete, he found New Speed Motorsports teammate Santiago on track, with Rocco and Eva keeping eye on their young racer who’s preparing the move up to ROK Junior.

As competitors arrived, NSM’s Trevor Reeve continued wrenching on Daniel Demaras’ No. 412 NSM kart, with some help from Chris Demaras. Even Goodwood’s own Kyle Rennie was drafted in to help with challenging cotter pins.

In the competitive ‘youth ivision’, Miggy Montano accepted the challenge of the ‘short track with chicane’ configuration. While preparing for qualifying, the Migster received the support and encouragement from his good friend, NSM’s Santiago Ramirez.

Starting on the grid from second place, Miggy made quick work of his rivals. Carrying incredible speed, Montano attacked on the outside of Turn 2 and completed his pass before the braking zone at Turn 4. He never looked back, building up a gap that his rivals could not close in on. The only nervous moment for Miggy was catching a lapped kart who’d just spun in the chicane. But the Migster focused, carefully maneuvered around the stranded kart, and went on to cruise to victory.

His family cheered on The Migster in celebration of their young racer’s his third win of his 2020 CRKC campaign.

Demaras also qualified 2nd place in his division, but would not duplicate the Migster’s charge to the front. Chris watched the pole-sitter pull away, struggled with the darkness and slippery conditions, all while holding off competitors who were on his bumper throughout the race. With the leader out of sight, and the action taking place behind him, Demaras’ helmet cam video would be boring if not for his constant swearing..

As night fell, the races wrapped up leaving only the podium celebrations. Along with Miggy Montano in youth division, Ethan Pollack took the win from pole in teen division, as did friendly rival Ivan Kosar.

2020 has been a solid season for Chris, with two wins, two pole positions, and now his fifth podium finish on the 2020 CRKC Series. As always, the race results are secondary to getting to spend time with friends at the track.

To honour his son Daniel’s TRAK team, Demaras proudly wore a New Speed Motorsports hat on the podium to collect his silver medal.

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