There’s a lot more to karting than just strapping on a helmet. In many cases, races are lost and won in the garage. Inspection, maintenance, and new go-fast parts prepared days before an event play a big part in he outcome.

When a kart is fresh off the boat from Italy, everything is perfect. Bearings spin free, axles are straight, everything is squared up and true.

Motors are put on a maintenance schedule. Every three races, a fresh motor is bolted on, while the other motor goes back to the shop. Demaras Racing has been fortunate to have two race motors prepared by Darryl Timmers at PRO. Broken in, dyno tested and refreshed regularly, the No. 412 always has a fast motor.

Entering the final stretch of the racing season, karts aren’t so perfect anymore. Chassis, axle, bearings and brakes require the same type of attention that motors got all year long. This week, NSM teammates Trevor Reeve and Chris Demaras took apart the business end of Daniel’s No. 412 kart and got to work. A custom gear carrier (with integrated bolts) was added.

As the sun set, the No. 412 kart was parked in garage K-12 at Goodwood Kartways, awaiting installation laps.

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