Round 9 of the 2020 CRKC series at Goodwood was another Friday Night under the lights! The number of competitors has dropped, either due to the Thanksgiving long-weekend, or possibly due to the record number of cases of ‘the virus’ reported in Toronto, frightening some racers. Regardless, everyone at the track is masked, socially distant, and ready to race!

The cool October weather resulted in low grip conditions on track, becoming even more slippery as the sun set. Nobody had yet brought their tents or propane heaters, but some racers were seen wrapped in blankets between sessions.

Demaras dusted off his old racing suit, hoping for good luck from previous wins in it. But in the first practice session, Chris unscrewed the gas cap off his kart’s fuel tank (while trying to ‘help’ check its tightness) and by Turn 4 his right side from shoulder to shoe was sprayed with gasoline. The fuel-soaked right rear tire made for a slippery session.

Throughout practice and qualifying, Demaras tried to keep the kart from sliding, braking early and reaching the apex of every corner. The strategy didn’t work very well, as Demaras would only be starting 5th in the Final.

CRKC standout Miggy Montero also qualified 5th. In the cadets race, starting further down the order put him in danger of contact with aggressive midfield drivers. By lap 2, #TheMigster was making progress, and attempted a pass at Turn 2, but he was unsighted by his competitor, who forced Montero onto the grass. A full 360 spin across the track landed Miggy into the barriers on the outside of Turn 3. But his day wasn’t done. He got back on track and persevered until the checkered flag.

It was time for the main event. The Heavyweight Round of the CRKC event. There was confusion in the pits as one racer, then another, was awarded pole position. Regardless, Demaras would be starting behind Texiera, and the two rivals went on to an epic battle, with Demaras initially making the pass at Turn 5. Andy returned the favour and overtook Chris at Turn 4 the following lap. In the midst of the back and forth battle, Chris could hear a problem developing. The bearing on the right front wheel of his kart had failed, and the vibration and movement of the wheel cracked the central lug nut. Each time Demaras would turn right, the front wheel was sliding off the spindle!

Chris kept the kart together, counter-steering left every time the wheel was about to fly off. He managed to bring the kart home exactly where he qualified; P5.

Demaras Racing’s favourite cadet driver Miggy Montero did not make it to the podium, which was disappointing. But our official photographers Ivan Kosar (leading the teen division) and TRAK/CRKC double threat Ethan Pollack, both stood on top step with wins in their races.

As for Chris Demaras, upon completion of his race, he grabbed the disconnected wheel and ran off. This chunk of medal and rubber would be his trophy, at least until Goodwood’s Kyle Rennie tracked Demaras down and forced him to give it back.

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