Last weekend’s TRAK Race 13 was the official end of the club racing season at Goodwood Kartways, but NSM fielded three karts in the 3 Hour Endurance race known as Halloween Havoc.

Daniel Demaras sat out the race after a long and challenging day driving the New Speed Motorsports NASCAR Pinty’s Series race car on Friday.

In Cadet Division, young Rocco Simone would be teamed up with teamed up with Zhao and Deonnarine.

Rocco Ramirez and daughter Dimetra scrambled to prepare a Junior Division kart for Santiago, NSM teammate Elijah and conscripts Stefano and Mayer.

The all-star team was the Senior Division kart of Anthony Simone, Leonard D’Arrigo and Daniel Morad. Everyone was expecting big things from two professional race car drivers and the greatest mechanic at Goodwood.

The Le Mans style start created chaos and confusion as all the racers funneled into Turn 1 together (some coming off worse than others.

The lead changed hands several times in the highly competitive race,, with Daniel DiLeo, Marco DiLeo and Jordan DiLeo running 1-2-3 with less than half an hour to go.

But at the three hour mark, as the checkered flag fell the finishing order was:

Senior Division

  1. Marco DiLeo & Nolan Bower
  2. Kyle Rennie
  3. Dan DiLeo & Jeff Conte

Junior Division

  1. Ethan Pollack & Schwab
  2. Jordan DiLeo & Gavin Goldie
  3. Matte Ferrari

Cadet Division

  1. Pipe / Chan
  2. Simone / Zhao / Deonarine
  3. N/A

New Speed’s Cadet Division team finished on the podium, while the Junior Division team ended the race a respectable fifth. Unfortunately, the all-star Senior Division team ended the race 57 laps down in sixth place, the victims of mechanical gremlins.

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