When you have little chance of taking victory based on pure skill, using intimidation tactics can help steal a win. Get the other guy off his game. Preparing for the 2020 CRKC Final, Chris Demaras thought of the most intimidating creature in the world, then channeled that evil energy to the track.

The Halloween shark costume did had it’s limitations. While Demaras could squeeze his HJC helmet into the shark’s pointed head, seeing out the shark’s mouth was very difficult (no peripheral vision at all). During the two practice sessions, Chris realized he would not be able to race with in sharkskin, as planned.

The only thing more feared than the Great White Shark is the Black Flag Racing Team…and Chris Demaras is a founding member!

Now flying the skull and crossbones flag, Demaras ratcheted up the intimidation factor. This would surely rattle his rivals. Qualifying mid pack, Chris knew that when his rivals saw his evil eyes in their rearview mirrors, fear would strike and overtakes would be made.

On to the Final Round!

Also competing at the CRKC Finals was TRAK racer, CRKC star, and Demaras Racing photographer, Ethan Pollack. He put on a demonstration of racing ability. Ethan had a strong season, competing against his buddy Ivan Kosar. But this is the finals. And there’s no friends on the race track.

Ethan qualified strong, was all over the pole-sitter by Turn 1, and took the lead at Turn 5. At the end of the first lap, Pollack had a massive lead and never looked back. He took the top step of the podium and won the CRKC Friday Night Championship. Amazing!

Miguel “The Migster” Montero wrapped up his first season in style.

With one pole and three wins, Miggy accumulated a total of 66 points during his rookie season in CRKC. The Final was challenging for the young racer, but he persevered and finished the season 7th in the standings.

The event took its toll on Demaras. With 28 groups competing, it may have been the biggest CRKC event in the history of the race track. The heavyweights are always the “main event” and compete as the final race of the night. Although Chris arrived at the track at 8:30 am, races were still running after 7:00 pm, under the lights. Low visibility and cold temperatures had an impact on the racers.

Goodwood boss Dan Di Leo planned a special event for the last race of the season. Morning practice and qualifying were run on the short track, the pre-final was run on the medium track, and the final was run using the dreaded chicane. Accepting the challenge, Demaras brought home a Top-5 finish in the race and secured a Top-10 finish in the Friday night 2020 CRKC Championship.

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