Big shout-out to our New Speed Motorsports teammates who competed at Rok the Rio in Las Vegas last week. Rocco Simone was the youngest driver in the field of 33 Micro Rok racers (and the only Canadian) finishing just outside the Top 10.

In VLR Masters 100cc Anthony Simone (possibly the oldest driver in the field) finished on the podium in 3rd place finish behind Miguel Mier and Adam Kasick.

Man, the times were so close all weekend! Over 300 entries… the experience for Rocco racing against 33 kids was so good for him. He was like a totally different driver this weekend. He was so aggressive and passing karts like he’s been racing for 5 years!

I moved up after tech and penalties. In my class it wasn’t just Rok engines; they allowed IAME engines also. But I guess some guys got caught in tech and others got penalties on track so I ended up 3rd. 

Anthony Simone, NSM

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