Expired Plates

~ by Chris “#16” Demaras ~

A local Toronto driver this week was caught speeding. Nothing interesting about that story. But upon inspection, the motorist had not renewed the registration on their plate since 1990. The 30+ year old sticker quite visible on the plate, leaving many wondering how the driver was never caught before.

Some motoring website are congratulating the driver, having avoided the $120 annual “sticker” fee for three decades. But this also means that this person has been driving around Toronto for 30 years with no insurance either. Likely leaving parking tickets unpaid. Possibly ignoring Hwy 407 toll charges. It doesn’t sound like this person was paying their “fair share”.

There was a similar story out of Brooklyn last year, where a local resident finally had his street parked Cadillac towed after 25 years in the same spot. But oddly enough, the owner (a senior citizen with diminished faculties) still had a valid sticker on the Caddy.

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