As I sit in my living room at home in Toronto, I’m unable to even visit a local indoor track for some fun. Yet I know that there’s racing in Florida right now. Daytona Kart Week just passed, and many Canadians are preparing to compete in the Florida Winter Tour.

Yet this week, Quebec announced a curfew, preventing Canadians from even leaving their homes at night. Do I really expect spring training to begin in March or April when we could be facing a lockdown and curfew in Ontario as soon as next week!

People are willing to do their part to stop the spread of ‘the virus‘. But when increasingly strict measures are being taken, it’s disheartening to read that Canadian public officials (even hospital CEOs) are themselves ignoring public heath guidelines. A member of the province’s COVID-19 science table, who helped draft the ban on non-essential travel due to the risk of COVID-19, went to the sunny Dominican Republic in December. Yet regular Canadians who are being told to stay home, go out only for essential needs and even shop for groceries only once a week are now facing a curfew?

I’m not one of those yahoos who thinks ‘the virus‘ is a hoax, or one of those misguided people who sees wearing a mask as trampling on their freedoms. I’m willing to do my part to stop the spread, but if Canadian leaders lose the public’s faith in them because of hypocritical behaviour … nobody will be willing to follow public health recommendations. They must lead by example!

I just want to see my friends at the track. Spend another summer with other racing families. The question remains if and when racing season in Canada will begin.

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