Both eKartingNews and Canadian Karting News are reporting that the second round of the Florida Winter Tour has been changed from Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida, to Ocala Gran Prix in north Florida in response to international travel restrictions.

“These kinds of decisions are never easy. ROK Cup Promotions has been very fortunate over the last ten months not having to move dates around or cancel events, but with the new travel restrictions implemented by the US and Canadian government, we have to adjust. Some recent travel regulation changes do not allow international competitors or their families to enter or leave the USA without a significant expense, and therefore we fear that will hurt our international participation, mainly from our ROKKER families up north in Canada.”

Garett Potter, ROK Cup USA

Potter added that the cost to build and operate a temporary circuit is four or five times more expensive than a purpose-built track. Ocala Gran Prix will now be the home for rounds two and three of the Florida Winter Tour.

Watch out for New Speed Motorsports racers Anthony Simone and Rocco Simone as they compete in all three rounds of the 2021 Florida Winter Tour.

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