2021 CKC Racing Schedule

Until last year, not many TRAK racers had ever heard of the CKC (Canadian Karting Challenge). Canadian Karting News only published a couple press releases annually about the Innisfil Indy track. The last one was 3 years ago, from the 2018 season.

But when the 2020 KartStars series expanded to multiple tracks across Ontario, Innisfil Indy got the nod to join. Daniel Demaras competed in several races at the track leading up to the provincial series’ event.

As tentative 2021 racing schedules are starting to become public, CKC has taken a different direction, creating a Six Round series which includes 3 races at Innisfil Indy, 2 races at Mosport Karting Centre and 1 race in Hamilton Mini Indy. With 3 CKC events conflicting with TRAK events, it’s unclear how many racers who call Goodwood their home track will visit Innisfil again in 2021, unless the July 24/25 event (location TBD) on the KartStars schedule ends up being an Innisfil Indy round.

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