Memories of Shannonville

To some kart racers in Ontario, Rob Oakman is the guy at the track who always black flags you. Yup…out of the 150 to 200 competitors racing on any given weekend, Rob watches you very carefully.

The truth is that as Race Director, Rob is way too busy to be watching you personally for a transgressions. And you probably deserved that black flagged, buddy!

What some folks don’t know is that Rob was a champion racer not too many years ago. With “Nationals” returning to Shannonville Motorsports Park for the first time in…a while…veterans like Oakman have been taking to social media to share their memories of the ‘Bear Hunt’ at Shannonville in years past. But on August 15th, 2021, KartStars Canada will return to the famed track to crown their National Champions.

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