Scarboro Subaru has been a long time sponsor of Demaras Racing, and Daniel has been proudly running the six stars logo on his race suit since he was a rookie. Trips to the dealership have always been fun, since Guy always has an interesting fleet of cars for sale…and always keeps something special in the indoor showroom.

This time, the Vigliatore Auto Group has a 1977 Ferrari 308 GTB for sale. It’s a carbureted, pre-emissions car. Exactly what you would expect to be parked next to Legacys and Outbacks.

But this is a Subaru dealership, and nobody comes here to look at Italian exotics. They’re just out of reach. For young Daniel, the star of the show was the World Rally Blue classic bugeye tucked away in the shop. It only makes sense that this would end up being Daniel’s first car.

Subaru master mechanic Robbie has been working on the car for a week, completing factory recalls and long overdue service. The 2003 WRX now has functioning ABS brakes, no longer leaks oil, and is sporting two new front control arms. There’s a bit of a parts delay, as a recalled, rusted out fuel line is still on it’s way from Subaru of Canada.

The car isn’t ready for the road yet, as a trip to the body shop is in the near future. This vehicle was originally sold at Scarboro Subaru to a Mr. Stinson, whose name is still written on the factory wheels (probably for winter storage purposes). For almost 18 years, this car has managed to avoid being modified. And that’s the plan…to remain 100% original.

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