Goodwood Open House

Spring training in 5 weeks is a little…ambitious. The idea of the first points-paying race of the season being only 6 weeks away seems a little unreal. But it wouldn’t be the first time that the Goodwood crew would be shoveling snow off the track the morning of an event! Sunday was just a chance to visit the track, pre-order new helmets and racing suits, and ‘officially’ sign up for the racing season.

If you didn’t arrive in a truck or a Subaru you probably didn’t make it far in the parking lot. A foot and a half of ice-crusted snow covered most of the facility.

Young rookie racers enjoyed just being outside, going on track walks and exploring the place a little. Kids took turns sliding down the hill at Turn 1.

Goodwood’s Dan and Stefanie were there, with help from Mattie and Kyle, to help safely register as many new racers as possible on a Sunday. There were some new faces, but racers like Miggy #TheMigster Montano returned for another run at the championship.

Demaras Racing is looking forward to another exciting year of racing…if spring ever arrives.

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