A nearly 18 year old Subaru that spent its whole life in Toronto is bound to have some issues. The mild-steel exhaust system cannot be expected to have endured so many salty winters and still live to tell about it. Daniel’s WRX had a rotten cross pipe, mid-pipe and rusted out muffler and resonator. Time for an upgrade that won’t attract police attention, but still produces that deep Subie Rumble sound.

The VAREX Performance Exhaust by X-Force is a unique variable exhaust system that allows the driver to adjust the sound levels from silent to straight-pipe loud. The chambered muffler’s tone is similar to a Magnaflow or Flowmaster with a deep note (helped by the resonator) but as sound levels that are near stock.

Push the remote-control button and a butterfly valve in the muffler opens up, redirecting the exhaust flow through a straight pipe in the muffler. All sound deadening is eliminated and the full sound of the Subaru EJ20 motor can really be heard.

The 30 second video below demonstrates the deep tone transforming to a loud rumble (crackling and popping when off throttle) that Subarus are loved for.

With mechanical issues resolved, Daniel even had a chance to drive the car on the weekend…enjoying the new soundtrack.

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