As a public service to the motorists of Toronto, the team at Demaras Racing is re-publishing the list of automated speed enforcement (ASE) cameras locations. These locations are public information, the intersections are clearly marked, and most are near schools in Community Safety Zones…so there’s no chance of getting out of the ticket.

People…there is no excuse for speeding. Take it to the track.

  1. Martin Grove Road, north of Garfella Drive
  2. John Garland Boulevard, near Kendleton Drive
  3. The East Mall, south of Capri Road
  4. La Rose Avenue, east of Griggsden Avenue
  5. Algoma Street, east of Royal York Road
  6. Lake Shore Boulevard West, near Twentieth Street
  7. Windermere Avenue, near St. Olave’s Road
  8. Annette Street, near Laws Street
  9. Guestville Avenue, near Dennis Avenue
  10. Culford Road, north of Burr Avenue
  11. Wilson Avenue, near 1196 Wilson Ave.
  12. Northover Street, south of Sheppard Avenue West
  13. Shoreham Drive, west of Gosford Boulevard
  14. Stong Court, west of Driftwood Avenue
  15. Wilson Avenue, west of Belgrave Avenue
  16. Marlee Avenue, south of Hillmount Avenue
  17. Dufferin Street, near Waterloo Avenue
  18. Concord Avenue, north of College Street
  19. Dundas Street West, near Augusta Avenue
  20. The Esplanade, east of Princess Street
  21. Avenue Road, near Macpherson Avenue
  22. Clinton Street, north of College Street
  23. Davisville Avenue, near Acacia Road
  24. Bansley Avenue, south of Vaughan Road
  25. Homewood Avenue, near Maitland Place
  26. Parliament Street, north of Oak Street
  27. Greenwood Avenue, south of Glebeholme Boulevard
  28. Plains Road, near Milton Road
  29. Blythwood Road, near Blyth Hill Road
  30. Leslie Street, south of Lawrence Avenue East
  31. York Mills Road, east of Rayoak Drive
  32. Grenoble Drive, west of Spanbridge Road
  33. Van Horne Avenue, west of Brian Drive
  34. Parkway Forest Drive, near 25 Parkway Forest Dr.
  35. Drewry Avenue, east of Norwin Street
  36. Ellerslie Avenue, west of Diagonal Road
  37. Victoria Park Avenue, near Medonte Avenue
  38. Secord Avenue, near Palmer Avenue
  39. Birchmount Road, south of Sadler Drive
  40. Bellamy Road, south north of Kingston Road
  41. Gilder Drive, east of Midland Avenue
  42. Lawrence Avenue East, west of Ben Stanton Blvd
  43. Bamburgh Circle, near 125 Bamburgh Cir.
  44. Chester Le Boulevard, near Pettibone Square
  45. Huntingwood Drive, near Mollard Road
  46. Heather Road, east of Glen Watford Drive
  47. Military Trail, near 341 Military Tr.
  48. Gatesview Avenue, east of Cedar Drive
  49. Sewells Road, west of Glenheather Terrace
  50. Centennial Road, south of Cherrydale Court

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