Mass Vaccinations at Home of the Indy 500

Ladies and Gentlemen…Start Your Syringes!

Looking at the pictures and video coming out of Indianapolis this weekend, you would almost think it was race day. A long line of cars approaching the famed Indianapolis Motorspeedway at 16th and Georgetown. This time, the public was allowed to drive through the main gates, cruise through iconic Gasoline Alley then into one of the 20 Formula 1 garages for a drive-through vaccinationl the most unique pit stop ever.

The four day campaign wrapped up on Monday, March 8th, 2021, and helped vaccinate over 16,000 Indiana residents. Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the perfect facility for such a campaign. The sheer size of the facility, plus years’ of experience dealing with large crowds, made it uniquely suited.

To visit the home of the Greatest Spectacle in Racing is too much to pass up for die-hard race fans. For some, there were closer vaccination clinics…but IMS provided the incentive of being the fastest way to get vaccinated in Indianapolis.

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