The Subaru SVX has been in the Demaras Racing stable for nearly a decade. It’s a fun GT car that can fit the whole family. But ever since the coilovers got bolted on, the just ride hasn’t been right. Lower, yes. Better, no. After much consideration the next step in the project is to put the SVX on air suspension.

Last week the car was dropped off at NV Auto outside of Hamilton to begin the process. As soon as the Subaru went up the mountain and pulled into the parking lot, you just knew you ere in the right place.

NV Auto is a shop by run car enthusiasts. A team of mechanics, fabricators, and competitors that have made their goal to spread the joys of the automotive world. The shop made its name for their Subaru repair services and made their mark racing Subarus. Passionate about their work, Miguel and the crew agreed to take on the SVX as a unique project.

Of course, there’s no bolt-on system for a 1992 Subaru SVX. But the Airlift Performance Series V2 designed for the 2005 – 2007 WRX STi is very close. It’ll take some cutting, welding and fabricating, but the struts, management system and air tank are on their way from the manufacturer.

The build will take the better part of a month, but rumour has it this may be the first Airlift-equipped Subaru SVX in Canada

Special thank you to the man, the myth, the legend…Hundred Dollar Bill. The grandfather of Demaras Racing, this is the man who got Chris and Daniel hooked on Subarus. Bill drove his Subaru Forester XT all the way past Hamilton to pick up Chris, all the while shaking his head at what his son is up to this time.

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