The WRX sits in the Scarboro Subaru shop, nestled between modern WRXs and STIs…a sea of World Rally Blue.

With two sets of wheels into the GMC’s bed, Chris and Daniel visited Scarboro Subaru to drop off the rims, and select new tires to mount on the shiny BBS wheels.

The tires size of 205/55-16 is a good fit for the 6.5″ wide factory wheel. But the optional BBS are 17″ x 7″, allowing for a bit more rubber on the road. With the help of parts manager Tony, a 225/45-17 sized tire was chosen as the best fit. Despite the shorter sidewall, the new tire size is only 3mm taller overall (635mm vs 632 mm) but has a full 20mm wider tread. Only selections were narrowed down to Continental, Michelin, Toyo and Yokohama rubber.

The Yokohama AVID Ascend GT tires were selected as the best overall Grand Touring tire.

The WRX project has really started to come together with mechanical repairs, new exhaust, interior detailing, in car electronics, and now BBS wheels and Yokohama tires wrapped up…the next step will be to roll the car down to Laird Auto Body for body and paint.

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