On Tuesday a 26-year-old nurse (on her way to work vaccinating the homeless) was involved in a collision on the Gardiner Expressway. Her Mini Cooper was hit by a dump truck, then pushed along the highway for hundreds of meters.

The video went viral, as the elephant vs flea image reminded drivers that driving in Toronto is ROUGH!

“…I honestly just feel like I’ve been hit by a truck which ironically I have been…”

Courtenay Erhardt, MIni motorist

Only a few days later, another Toronto motoring story emerged. A saw blade from a passing vehicle and embedded itself in the front bumper of a Mercedes. If the blade had impacted the car a little higher, the results could have been bad!.

The shaken-up motorist was travelling northbound on “The Gore” road (not making that up) north of Toronto, when a circular saw blade fell off a construction vehicle travelling southbound. After bouncing on the pavement, the blade sliced through the front bumper.

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