~ by Daniel “412” Demaras ~

The 2003 “Bugeye” Subaru Impreza has always been one of my favourite cars.

I think it’s the best Impreza. Fast but not too fast, cool but not that cool, cheap but not too cheap. It’s the perfect first car. I was lucky enough to track one down, but the downside to a car this age is that there was a lot of work to get it running again.

After weeks of work at Scarboro Subaru tracking down a braking issue, the car is one step closer to being done. With shiny BBS RK wheels and fresh Yokohama tires, the car finally started taking shape. It was awesome getting to drive my new car, which sounds amazing. While Laird Auto Body still has work to do, this is already the coolest car in the school parking lot.

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