Pre-Season Prep

With spring training only a few weeks away, Daniel’s race-winning engines Uniqua and Skylar were dropped off at the local engine builder’s shop on the weekend. Both Briggs & Stratton LO206’s are in great condition, properly broken in, without heavy mileage. A final oil change and ‘fogging’ before hibernation over the winter assured Demaras Racing would start 2021 in good condition. The engines will get fresh oil, spark plugs and a leak-down test to make sure everything is 100%.

After leaving the engine builder’s shop, it was a quick trip to Goodwood (with Daniel at the wheel of the GMC ‘monster truck’ for a change). The track looked ready, and the weather was warm, so spring training in a few weeks seems possible. But new cases of ‘the virus‘ in Ontario numbered 2,453 on Saturday and 2,448 on Sunday…so it’s still unclear if provincial restrictions will impact the start of the season.

Not matter when the 2021 racing season begins, Demaras Racing will be ready to go.

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