~ by Chris “#16” Demaras ~

On the weekend, we spotted a WRB Bugeye WRX parked on O’Connor Dr, right in front of Rob’s Good Food. As we drove by, Daniel craned his neck to get a better look at the car, and told me to take a lap around the block so we could go back and check it out.

We parked the ‘monster truck’ behind the Subaru, and Daniel hopped out to get a better look at the car so similar to his own. This WRX looked lowered, some customization on the stock body, plus a leather interior that definitely didn’t come from the factory that way!

Seeing the two of us inspecting his WRX so closely, car owner Michael stepped out of Rob’s to introduce himself, and answer the inevitable questions.

Michael was gracious enough to tell us about his car,. He explained that the upper grill was from a Japan-only model, and that he custom made the lower grill. STi headlights and hood scoop were the other obvious exterior mods, because this car was all about performance!

He called the Neetronics tuned car the fastest Bugeye east of Yonge St and sounded like he had earned this title over the past decade with late night street races. Got to say…we liked Michael immediately!

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