After zee German’s attempt at an April Fool’s Day prank tanked this week, many have been waiting to see if any other car companies would still roll out their April Fool’s Day gags. Or if the fallout from Voltswagen would scare marketing managers back to the drawing board the ask themselves “Is this actually funny?” The motoring world did not disappoint!

Alfa Romeo

The legendary Italian carmaker is utilizing “state-of-the-art electrochromic glass” to transform your boring drive to work into a virtual Italian view through the addition of real life Instagram filters, baked right into the side glass.


Everyone is familiar with the Crewe crew’s rotating central display panel. GPS on the first panel, high performance gauges on the second, and up until now, the ‘plain old wood’ third panel has been replaced with an with integrated coffee machine to create an espresso or macchiato at the touch of a button.


Stuttgart unrelieved the the Porsche Mission E Tractor, the world’s first all-electric, high performance tractor. Calling it “a revolution in farming” the 700 hp beast is expected to finally snatch the Nordschleife record from John Deere.


The engineers at Sant’Agata want to give their customers everything. In response to many customer complaints about not being able to take their Huracan to the trailer park, the auto manufacturer has unveiled the Lamborghini Centro Stile with the same angular aesthetic as their supercars.


DRIVETRIBE hypothesized that “BMW drivers don’t use their turn signals because…they think of themselves higher than the people around them.”. Pretty harsh! So the funny Germans in Munich decided to poke fun at themselves, claiming to have removed a useless piece of equipment from their vehicles.

“Phone manufacturers did it. Tech giants too. So we decided to give it a go as well. What are we talking about? Removing obsolete features for the benefit of our planet. And according to the interwebs, the most underutilized feature on every BMW is the turn signal. Starting from 2022, all BMW models will be shipped without turn signals. After all, fewer parts means a smaller footprint, and less raw materials used.”

Important Sounding Voice, BWM

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