With only a week to go before Spring Training 2021 is supposed to kick off, Demaras Racing went back up north to continue pre-season preparations.

Local engine builder G-Force had good news about Skyler & Uniqua. Both motors ran strong, and no valve issues. Chris & Daniel then brought one Briggs & Stratton racing engine (and an Odenthal motor mount) to Marco at Goodwood so he could finish assembly of Daniel’s new Intrepid racing kart. Upon arrival at the track, the new provincial restrictions obviously had a huge impact on the track.

Despite the number of racers reduced to a handful, there were still some smiles to be seen.

Limited to 5 people on track, the facility was nearly empty. Everyone was keeping their distance (paddock spaces were 20′ apart from each other) and masks were mandatory. A very organized transition from morning session to afternoon group saw the arrival of old friend Ethan Pollack with his glorious new HJC helmet.

New karts without decal kits (the kids call them ‘Teslas’) looked white and pure and will never look so clean again when wheel-to-wheel action begins…supposedly in 28 days. Yup, the restrictions will impact Spring Training and TRAK Race 1 (and possibly Race 2).

More details to follow as Goodwood releases more press releases.

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