We’ve been sort of restoring a Bugeye ’03 WRX. The plan was to bring the car back to original condition, with only minor changes for safety (back-up camera) but no performance mods. However, if parts could have been on the car, that’s an acceptable change. For example, if the WRX was “wingless” it would be fine to add an OEM spoiler; who’s to say what the car was originally equipped with?

Wheels were the most obvious area for improvement. The stock 16″ cast aluminum wheels were cleaned up, and will work just fine in the winter. But a nice set of “optional” wheels for summer would be great. The search for parts brought us to JDM Place in Markham. These guys have decades of experience customizing Subarus, and have some very unique parts, including these Porsche Design wheels available from Subaru in 2000 to 2003.

Produced between 2000 and 2003 for the Japanese market only, the Subaru Legacy B4 ‘Blitzen’ (that’s German for ‘flash’) was a collaboration between Subaru and Porsche Design. Not the Stuttgart car company itself, but the Porsche Design subsidiary that provides industrial design with flair for glasses, laptops and even Subarus! All the interior and exterior design changes were designed by Porsche. This included the body kit, bumpers, the split rear wing, and of course the wheels, reminiscent of the early ’80s Porsche 928 telephone dial wheels.

The final decision was to go with the BBS RK 028 wheels that were optional on the WRX, and not the Porsche Design wheels. But they were an incredibly cool item that we didn’t even know existed..

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