On April 1st 2021 the Ontario Government again ‘locked down’ the province to protect against the spread of ‘the virus‘. Canadians have been dealing with various restrictions for months, and with the exception of a vocal minority, Canucks have followed the safety protocols.

But when rules about which activities can open and which must close become increasingly confusing, or do not seem rooted in common sense, people are not likely to abide by those rules.

Outdoor recreational amenities permitted to open include:

  • parks and recreational areas
  • baseball diamonds
  • batting cages
  • soccer, football and sports fields
  • tennis courts and table tennis courts
  • basketball courts
  • BMX parks
  • skate parks
  • frisbee golf locations
  • cycling tracks and bike trails
  • horse riding facilities
  • shooting ranges and gun clubs
  • ice rinks
  • tobogganing hills
  • snowmobile, ice-skating and snowshoe trails
  • playgrounds
  • parks with outdoor fitness equipment
  • golf courses and driving ranges
  • ski hills

During the April shutdown, people living in Ontario can visit ice rinks, toboggan hills, snowmobile trails and ski hills. But during the Easter long-weekend, the temperatures were 15° and higher, none of those activities are even possible. Drive-in theatres are closed while golf clubs are open. How does sitting in a car at the 5 Drive-In expose a person to greater risk than puttering around in a golf cart?

While it makes sense the province wants to restrict motorsports crowds at the Saturday Night oval-track races at Sunset Speedway or the massive numbers of spectators at the Honda Indy Toronto, why would that mean that individuals can’t take their race cars out to a track?

Does this make sense?

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