Rust on the rear quarter panels of a Subaru is a common problem. Rust on the rockers too. Rust in general.

With so much snow and salt on the roads in Canadian winters, these cars take a lot of pain. But the AWD system is fantastic, so that makes up for a lot. There’s a great company out of Wisconsin that makes top quality patch panels for the Legacy, Forester and Impreza WRX called ‘Subie Savers’. They are dedicated to the preservation of Subarus.

A pair of rear wheel arch panels, and new rocker panels, arrived today. With the new/old bumpers from Japan Direct, all the components are in place to begin restoration of the WRX’s body.

There’s some long weeks of body work and rust repair in the WRX’s future. However, rolling into the body shop today, the WRX project really felt like it was in the final stretch.

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