Former Formula 1 driver Jaime “DJ Squire” Alguersuari making a motorsports comeback in shifter karts. Alguersuari will hop into the world karting championship’s KZ division nearly six years after retiring from racing.

Alguersuari was in F1 for three years with Toro Rosso before he (and teammate Sebastian Buemi) were chewed up and spit out by the Red Bull Racing organization, making room for then up-and-coming Daniel Ricciardo and Jean-Eric Vergne.

After a lifetime spent as a racer, the Spaniard retired from racing in 2015 at only 25 years old. He then pursued his musical passion, taking on the moniker Squire and getting behind the turntables playing sets at clubs in Ibiza. With restrictions due to ‘the virus’ preventing the now professional musician from touring or performing at EDM festivals, Alguersuari has been back in a KZ kart for pure enjoyment. His plan is to compete in the world karting championships at Kristianstad, Sweden in September 2021.

In an interview on 30-year-old Alguersuari said:

“I’ve been testing go-karts and having sensations that I didn’t feel for a very long time. When I started racing, I was smiling inside the helmet and it was just driving for pure love. Now when I’m back on a go-kart, I have the same feelings and I thought, ‘Why shouldn’t I be back in a situation where I’m competitive and I feel like inspiration back to my life?”

Jaime Alguersuari, kart racer

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