As soon as the provincial government announced the loosening of restrictions, tracks around Ontario released their summer schedules. This weekend, racers have rushed to the track to prepare their racing karts for the upcoming season.

Daniel Demaras has had his new Intrepid F4K/M29 sitting in garage K12 for weeks. On Saturday, he took it out on track…his first laps around Goodwood Kartways in 236 days.

The first session was difficult. Daniel commented that driving his Subaru WRX made driving a kart seem foreign. But once he stopped looking for seatbelts and turn signals, he quickly came to grips with the situation. Anthony Simone was there to make sure the kart was in perfect running order; assembled, aligned, fueled up and ready. Daniel tightened up his helmet and ventured out on track.

With only this weekend left until the racing season begins, many drivers were on track to prepare, including Ethan Pollack, old PRO teammate Matte Ferrari and new NSM teammate Cayden Goodridge.

But the big surprise was seeing Kevin May; out of retirement, and on the track..

Daniel Demaras spent his first year of club racing at Mosport Kartways under the VSR tent with the Treadwell family. Kevin May had already stopped racing and started wrenching at that time, and he was a regular fixture in the VSR paddock. On Saturday, Daniel got a chance to share the track with Kevin, who’s ready to race in his Birel ART kart.

The 2021 TRAK racing season is scheduled to begin next weekend and continue every weekend until Labour Day, which makes for an incredibly stacked schedule. With a new kart and a solid team behind him for the 2nd year, Demaras is hoping for great results.

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