Nearly a month after the TRAK series started, CRKC racing has finally retuned to Goodwood Kartways. Some of the Friday night regulars are back like The Migster, Kasper Titus and Damiano ‘Big D’ Intranuovo have retuned. Looks like Francesco V convinced his father Guy V to come have some fun at the track. The 2021 season looks promising.

Chris Demaras is back at the track with a new look. Dressed like a road worker, Demaras hopes that his new ‘race suit’ psychologically tells his competitors to yield, slow, and do not pass. Interesting theory.

Changing conditions made driving difficult. Constant light drizzle kept the track wet, encouraging racers to take the ‘wet line’ around the outside of the corners. But as the event continued, the track dried out enough for the brave to take the ‘dry line’. Demaras qualified P2 with a 43.3 second lap.

For Chris, the race was not all sunshine and roses. Despite starting 2nd in front of younger, lighter, faster drivers, Demaras did not hold his position. When attempting a pass for the lead at Turn 5, Demaras spun out and sat helplessly as the entire field passed him. Convinced he’d been sent into a spin by contact on the rear bumper, he could be heard on the helmet cam footage muttering “I think Ericsson hit us.”

On the positive, The Migster won his race from pole, the battle between Kasper and Francesco went down to the last corner, and Guy V was in podium position for several laps. For others, bruised egos will heal just in time for 2021 CRKC R2 in just one week’s time.

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