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The venture down the 401 to one of Canada’s best circuits will be worth it!

~ by Emily Billings ~.

As Covid-19 Restrictions ease this summer in the city of Toronto and businesses try to recover, we find ourselves not only busy with work but also freer to do what we enjoy. As for the only karting race club in Windsor-Essex County, the hustle n’ bustle has been no different.

Just 3.5 hours southwest of Toronto, is Leamington, Ontario which is home to nearly 28,000 individuals, some of them being our friends at Point Pelee Karting Club (PPKC). The establishment managed by Jason Papp has catered to some of our finest Canadian Karters Since 1997 and as PPKC enters their 25th year of operations next year, they’re home to a number of well-known faces, including a couple of KartStars 2019/2020 successors. Christian Papp (Novice winner KartStars 2019, third place in Briggs Cadet final 2020), Nathan Dupuis (Briggs Junior Lite fifth place runner-up finalist 2020), and our local boy Ayden Ingratta (landing third place for Rok Junior 2020) all harnessed tremendous strength on the track and set an enticing bar in last year’s championship, as we now look forward to the upcoming KartStars Round 2 for 2021.

With PPKC welcoming Ontario drivers to the track, practices are already underway while the home crowd and racers are rumbling with pride as they will be hosting our upcoming KartStars Canada Round 2 on Saturday and Sunday, July 24th and 25th running the Suzuka East circuit.

We will see Point Pelee Karting showcase a windy 3⁄4 mile track including a 690ft straightaway that lays 28ft wide for our KartStars racers. The track has six different course layouts and was designed with Formula One-style entry and exit curbs to provide the ultimate outdoor driving experience. You will see a wide range of the racers participating as they start as young as seven in the Cadet class working all the way to Briggs Masters (30+). The karting track offers unlimited practice memberships to all members who span across Southwestern Ontario, many of which will be making their way over to prepare for the big event.

KartStars Canada Round 1 Winners:

  • Briggs Cadet: Christian Papp (Intrepid)
  • Briggs Junior: Michael Ing (Awesome Kart)
  • Junior Lite: Stefano Pincerno (Exprit)
  • Briggs Senior: Jonathan Treadwell (BirelART)
  • Briggs Masters: Daniel Demaras (New Speed Motorsports / Intrepid)
  • KartStars Junior: Gavin Goldie (Intrepid)
  • KartStars Senior: Jonathan Treadwell (BirelART)
  • Mini Rok: Jensen Burnett (Energy Kart)
  • Rok Junior: Ayden Ingratta (Redspeed)
  • Rok Senior: Nolan Bower (Exprit)
  • VLR Masters: Cayden Goodridge (New Speed Motorsports / Intrepid)

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