Back home this Saturday for TRAK Race Seven. This past weekend was our first travel race and what a spectacular weekend it was! Thank you to all who came and congratulations to those of our members who reached the podium! This week we are back to the standard long track configuration. That being said, we are changing up the format this time around as we introduce ‘Reverse Order Heat Racing’ for the first time this year. This format promotes passing and is known to produce some new faces to the podium, we can’t wait!

Race Seven Notes:

  • Race Seven is Sponsored By: Valani Global. Thank you for supporting our club!
  • Race Seven Details are now available. Click HERE. Event information including practice availability leading up to the event, class order, race format, configuration, Covid-19 protocols and a time table will all be detailed in the document.
  • Practice time is limited this week. Please note the designated practice times in the Race Seven Details.

We look forward to having you all back for another great day of racing. Additional prizes and/or draws will take place at the podium presentation.

For more information on Goodwood Kartways and the  Toronto Racing Association of Karters please visit or call us at (905)640-5278.

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